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Central Desktop

A tool used by MRU!

Risk Management eXchange Beta

 a Key Membership Benefit

for our Professional Membership Category Only


Receive automatic email updates 

reminding you or your staff of essential business items and due dates 

Automatic routine property management reminders for


annual service notices,

property tax due dates,

insurance reviews,

payroll tax due dates,

payroll form due dates,

procedure audits,

employment notices,

important Court rulings,

changes in the law,

and more. has multiple levels of membership for both owner-manager members as well as our vendor membersBasic membership for owners and managers provides access to most, but not all of the content of the site. 

Preferred membership levels provide access to additional content, features, as well as access to forms at discounted and no-cost pricing levels.  Our Professional level membership when launched will provide discounted consulting service options as well as interactive assessments of company policies and procedures. 

Preferred members of will have the opportunity to join the Risk Management eXchange Beta.

Everyone can use an additional staff member to help them organize and track important dues dates; or provide first drafts of memorandums to tenants and residents.  But how can you ever find such a person? Or pay for such a person?  The answer is the Risk Management eXchange.   

Starting January 2010, the Beta version of the Risk Management eXchange became available.  The service will continue in Beta testing through 2011.  The small owner and manager can join the My Rental Units Solutions - Risk Management eXchange and receive important information through an RSS Feed accessible only to Club members.  Due dates, reminders of legislative changes, legal updates, notices and with the appropriate subscription, first drafts of tenant memorandums or policy changes geared specifically to the property owner and manager. 

Club Members will receive the same information Merrie Turner Lightner provides to her own company as part of the Lightner Property Group internal risk management policies, audits and protocols.  Risk Management eXchange members receive the benefits of a full time recognized landlord-tenant property management legal expert for only $50 to $100 per month, less than the cost of 15 minutes of consulting time each month. 

We can all use a system to double check ourselves.  We all need reminder notices.  Given the small cost and the high risk, a Club Membership is an essential tool in your property management toolkit.  You can’t afford to be without it whether you own, operate or manage 2, 200 or 2000 units!   

Risk Management Club eXchange subscription:  Reminder Notices  

  • Introductory Discounted Price - Annual Subscription FREE.

  • Regular Annual Subscription Price $600

Risk Management eXchange Pro subscription:  Reminder Notices & Research Library Access via Central Desktop Risk Management Club site.  The Research Library is the same library Lightner Property Group uses to guide it in the day to day management of property.  New resources and features added weekly.

  • Introductory Discounted Price - Annual Subscription discounted pricing $600. 

  • Regular Annual Subscription Price $1200


There is NO credit card required for the 30-day trial program.  Just your name and your email address!   

Pro Membership Add-On Features:

  • Central Desktop Additional Sites
  • DocuSign Access
  • Forms and Policies
  • Call us for Pricing!

Register for the Risk Mangement eXchange

Not ready to commit, but interested in a trial subscription?  Members of recognized industry trade organizations such as the California Apartment Association, a local apartment association (such as the San Francisco Apartment Association or the Coalition for Better Housing or the Professional Property Managers Association) or a local Board of Realtors are eligible to receive a 30 day trial subscription to the basic level of the Risk Management Club. 

At the close of approximately 20 days you will receive an e-mail providing you the opportunity to continue your subscription membership AFTER the 30 day period.  If you elect not to continue, your free membership will lapse at the close of 30 days. 

To sign up for a trial subscription, register HERE.  The Risk Management eXchange is brought to our members in a joint program between Lightner Property Group, Inc. and My Rental Units, LLC which is partially owned and operated by Lightner Property Group

To register for your no obligation 30-day trial Risk Management Club subscription, you will be required to first register for access to the site and then sign-up for the Risk Management subscription (a two part process).  Rest assured, the registration and sign-up procedures are FAST and EASY taking no more than 2 to 3 minutes of your time.


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