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National Multi Housing Council announces 1st Quarter market survey results

Residential market conditions show improvement.

The National Multi Housing Council (NMHC, Washington, DC) has released the results for their quarterly survey of market conditions, according to Michael Tucker in a May 7, 2010 press release. 

For over a decade, the organization has surveyed CEOs and other senior executives of apartment-related firms who serve on the Board of Directors or Advisotry Committee in four key areas:  market tightness, sales volume, equity financing and debt financing.  The quarterly nationwide results are available to interested persons HERE.

April 2010 numbers reveal an improving residential rental market

  • Market tightness made the largest gain quarter over quarter by increasing, meaning demand and rents are up. 
  • Sales volume is up, indicating the market is moving again and there are both buyers and sellers in the marketplace. 
  • Equity financing is generally available, indicating there is interest in the market and optimism for residential real estate. 
  • Finally, debt financing showed slight signs of improvement, indicating it was more available than it was in January 2010 by returning to levels reported in October 2009. 

For a complete look at the historical numbers since 1999 visit:

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