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Consider joining the Team.  We are proactively seeking alliances and partnerships with key industry persons and companies.  If you believe we fit into your future and growth, please contact us!


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  • Contributing Writers

    Contributing writers provide content to the MRU site.  Writers can contribute as much or as little as they like, but we do ask our writers to make a commitment to a minimum number of articles for a 12 month period.  So, whether you want to write a single article, or you want to be come a monthly featured writer, we encourage you to join our writer team!

  • Forum Moderators

    Moderators keep track of our Q&A sections.  Share your knowledge and expertise and build a web following. 

  • Faculty Advisors

    Faculty Advisors are experienced property managers with a proven track record.  Our faculty writes, acts as moderators and are available for course instruction and guest speaking engagements. 

  • Board of Advisors

    Our Board of Advisors share their industry perspective and help develop the content, as well as identify the key products and services which the membership demands. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Advisors, please contact us through our web site by completing and submitting your Advisor Application.

  • Advisor Application

    Whatever your interest in, Forum Moderator, Advisor, Editor - start with submitting your application which can be found here. 

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