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About MRU

MRU provides easy to understand property management advice focused on the small to mid-size residential housing provider in California.  MRU is dedicated to providing property owners and managers access to best practice advice, forms, sample policies, product news, tools and reviews. 

Join  in the MRU conversation, join  the MRU team and tell us what you need to help you manage your property effectively and efficiently! 

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Our trademarked Orange Pages, Shortcuts and Lists for the Best of Property Management Essentials, real estate Video, news feeds and real estate blogs.  Reviews for property management tools and ideas.  Landlording 101.  And more………….

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    Blogger, bloggers everywhere! 

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    Interesting and fun videos, always with a real estate edge!

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    Not exactly the YELLOW pages, MRU brings you our Orange  pages.  Directory Assistance for property management information. 

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    Our ideas, opinions and reviews of the products and services essential to the 21st Century Residential Property Owner and Manager.

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    Are you a speaker and you want to promote yourself?  Are you a group looking for an interesting guest speaker for your rental housing group?  Let MRU hook you up!  

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    The real estate news you need to read for your business.

  • Q & A from AVVO

    Landlord-Tenant questions from AVVO - an on line legal resource. 

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    One of our most important and popular tools for our members and guests is the MRU Shortcut Lists. We do the leg work, finding the sites, verifying they are what they say they are and then you make the determination which sites work for you.  Don’t spend you time endlessly searching the web with Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Just use our Shortcut Lists to find the sites you need!  Fast, easy and efficient. 

    And best of all, we work every day to continue to find all of the best most interesting sites for your use as a rental housing provider.  We do the leg work, so you can work at the real estate and property management work.

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